Out of all the possible streets, how can I not decide on one?

Well, here we are, late night thinking… I’m sure we all know what that is! Staying up until the early hours of the morning and actually being sober has become more of a common thing for me this year. You’ve got to love those late night, early morning, last minute, cram sessions; it’s all part of being a uni student.

So today’s thinking consists of streets.

For my journo assignment I have to write a news story based on the people, an event or an issue related to one street. Something we can “bring to the light.” And so, I guess I start with a street.

I thought that would be the easy part…

I see everyone contemplating writing about the street they grew up on. Well that cancels that out for me, I lived on a farm, along a long lonely road, where nothing much ever happened.

But I have got two ideas up my sleeve.

1) I’m from Coromandel Town, a small town in the Coromandel Peninsula, where the population almost triples in the hot summer time. Coromandel only has one main street, Kapanga Rd, so all the shops in the town stretch along this one street, and might I add, it only takes a few minutes to get from beginning to end. It is a very friendly street, always full of young and old, where everyone knows each other. I could write about the people. What is it like living the “small town life,” how does it change from winter to summer when the population almost triples? Possibly an interesting read for the city slickers.

2) Moving to Auckland this year from a small town, I have definitely noticed a lot of differences! Most weekends there is this rapper, who stands on Quay street and raps for money. And boy it looks like he often makes a good taking. With all the semi-drunk young adults out on the town for a good night, they want to see something different and interesting, and he always gives them just that. Flick him a coin, and he’ll rap about whatever you want! Could be an interesting story, the life of a late night rapper on the job?

Two ideas so far, and I think that’s all you’re going to get out of me tonight.

Until next time, Chow!


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