Weekly Q: What is globally understood as good journalism?

Good journalism: is that a common or uncommon feature in society today?

Everyday people read journalism; if it is bad often everyone knows about it, if it is not, then everyone carries on per normal. It is not often that people praise others for writing good journalism, but this is a common habit for humanity in everyday life, forgetting the good, and highlighting the bad.

Journalism has duties; it should be truthful and account reality, because it is not fiction. Journalism develops from authentication; you need to confirm that you are writing the correct information and that it is true. It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise, because people will criticise it. It must be interesting, relevant or significant in order to attract and inform readers, and finally, what most people think of when asked, what is good journalism, it should be unbiased.

I believe following the duties and producing well-written work is good journalism. Although bad journalism is always brought to the light, there is a lot of great journalism among the bad. Next time you are reading journalism, look for the good in the writing instead of noticing the bad.

Often when working in journalism you have to leave part of yourself at home, it is not necessarily your opinion that matters, but the facts, the truth, and portraying an un-biased story. That is good journalism.

I have attached a couple of memes about journalists. What do you think of them?


journalists journalists-meme


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