Weekly Q: What is so interesting about the Quay Street Rapper? News Values

Busking has become more of a common thing in society today. It’s guaranteed that during your walk down Queen Street to catch the train or bus after a long day at uni, you will encounter more than one person entertaining the public by busking. But what about late night busking, and instead of using an instrument and your voice to sing, how about being creative with it by freestyle rapping the likings of the public. Quay streets late night rapper knows what he is doing, he has his audience wrapped around his pinky finger, he knows the perfect time, place and actions for entertaining an audience.

This week we were asked to consider the news values that would be in our stories. There are seven news values: human interest, timeliness, proximity, conflict, oddity and consequence and prominence. Depending on the topic and angle of the story, a story can contain as little as one value and as many as seven.

Human interest is one of the most important values, because even if you have other values, people are not going to want to read your story unless they are interested in it. I think people will be interested in my story because it considers an uncommon talent, and is located in the biggest city in New Zealand.

Timeliness, the more recent the more news worthy right, well this rapper is a continual working machine. Although this happened last week and the week before and probably the week before, his talent is always on. After I have written my story, people can still go and check him out, he will probably still be on his Quay Street corner.

Proximity, how close is it? It is reaaaal close! Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand and Quay Street is right next to the harbour. I’m sure once in everyone’s lifetime they will have or are going to walk along this popular Auckland street.

Conflict is the clash of values, and often conflict in a story is what grabs the attention of the public. My story doesn’t really contain conflict, but maybe he has had trouble with people or the council regarding his busking that I could include to spice things up, we’ll soon find out.

Oddity is a story that is different, unusual, and quite frankly a bit weird. I’m not sure that my story will be any of the above, but it is kind of different. I mean, you would not read many stories on my topic, who wants to write about buskers who some people find annoying? But this is real New Zealand talent, right on our doorstep.

Make sure you keep following my updates to see my progress and my final story, then you can judge for yourself what news values I have fulfilled.


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