It’s time to interview, but first I need questions

I’ve been asking questions around about the Quay St rapper but the next step is to actually interview him. Like having plenty of sources, it is also important to conduct an effective interview in order to receive the most useful information for your news story. This means planning your interview, researching your interviewee, connecting with them, empathizing with them and listening to them, and ask open-ended questions in order to gain the most information. Check out this blog to get some tips on interviewing from journalists. The blogger asked them five questions and they all had something to say, read their advice, because after all, they are the experienced ones!

After I decided on the frame of the story, I drafted a few questions.

  1. Name, age etc.
  1. Is this a hobby or a job?
  1. How long have you been rapping for?
  1. Why did you start doing this?
  1. What do you love most about this?
  1. I know a few people who call you “Homeboy” is that a common nickname or have you never heard of that before? Do you have any other nicknames?
  1. Do you have people who you notice come and watch you regularly?
  1. Have you ever been approached and asked to do this on a more professional basis?
  1. Have you ever had trouble with people, council, police, shop owners in regards to you rapping on the street?

Tomorrow night I am going to town to see if he is in his usual spot as I think this is the only way that I will be able to organise a proper interview with him. I will take a copy of my questions for him to consider, to make sure he is fine with answering them in the interview. Wish me luck!


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