Weekly Q: Frame, what is it & what is mine?

“Framing (a verb) is defined as a process that reflects the construction of meaning, and frames (noun) are seen as “organizing principles that are socially shared and persistent over time, that work symbolically to meaningfully structure the social world”” (Grunwald & Rupar, 2009).

Framing is a useful journalistic tool, used to help us decide what is worthy of the news, what is important and necessary to include, so we can organise it efficiently and present it in a way that is in the readers best interest. Shoemaker, P, Vos, T, & Reese, S describe the framing tool as the decision making period, where we decide on the meaning of the story (2009). And so the straightforward answer: the frame of your story is simply what it is about.

The frame of my story is raw talent on the streets of New Zealand. In particular I will focus on Quay Street in Auckland, where a talented freestyle rapper works his magic during the nightlife on Auckland’s busiest nights. My idea is to emphasise the raw talent on the street; I want to expose him as a talented freestyle rapper by expressing how there is a large amount of talent out there that we don’t even know about. Because he only raps in one city and at specific times, there is only a limited amount of people that get to see him, and I believe this will make my news story more interesting.


Shoemaker, P., Vos, T., & Reese, S. (2009). Journalists as gatekeepers. In The Handbook of journalism studies (Wahl-Jorgensen, K. and Hanitzsch, T. eds.). New York: Routledge.

Grunwald, E. & Rupar, V. (2009). Journalism curiosity and story-telling frame. In Journalism Practice. DOI:10.1080/17512780902798703.


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