Social media approach: Picture perfect “king homeboy”

Yo yo yo, drum roll please…

Introducing “King Homeboy” the Quay St rapperrrrr.

For my second social media discussion i decided to post a picture of King Homeboy on instagram to see if I could get some feedback in relation to whether people know of him or not. Today’s question was:

Do you think his talent could be more than just a hobby, or way of making a couple of dollars?

IMG_2438 IMG_2439

I received a little amount of feedback, but again it was all very positive. I agree with the fact that freestyle rapping isn’t an easy talent to pull off and that the Quay St rapper does it very well. It is extremely hard to rhyme words when you have to think about it, let alone doing it on the spot and making it sound good. The response I have got from this post emphasises the idea for my news story, raw talent on the streets of our country that hardly anyone knows about. King Homeboy is a great example because not everyone is gifted with this ability, making him different and a standout performer which I believe will back up my story well.


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