Weekly Q: Is there a balance of facts and views in my story?

This question really made me think about my story. It made me consider the information that I have gathered, and obviously made me think about what facts I have and what views I have.

I have been doing research on busking and more in-depth, busking leading to a career in the talent of the particular busker. This has provided me with facts and examples that I can use in my news story to emphasize the frame of hidden raw talent on the street of New Zealand.

My interviews have provided me with both facts and views. The Quay St rapper provided me with facts about him, what he does and why he does it. The other buskers I interviewed provided me with these kinds of facts also. The members of the public provided me with the main core of the opinions I will use in my news story as they gave me their view on the Quay Street rapper. Some of the responses I have are that he is extremely talented, his talent shouldn’t only be wasted on late night drunk partygoers and he is a real genuine and nice guy.

Due to the code of ethics, “they shall not allow personal interests to influence them in their professional duties,” I will not voice my opinion, but portray the story of what the public thinks using there opinions to back up and emphasise the facts from the Quay St rapper, other buskers and research I have gathered.

Therefore the answer to the title of this bog post is yes. I will write a news story, which has a balance of facts and views in order of the public’s interest in this story.


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