Interviews, Interviews & more Interviews

I decided to put some footage together of a couple of interviews I had last week with some of my sources I am using for my news story.

Firstly I headed down to Queen Street during the day eager to find some talent. Three out of the four buskers I saw were playing the violin! I interviewed Canadian born, Etienne Bizjak who has been busking in New Zealand for two years now. I found it really interesting interviewing him because he made me realise one of the main reasons why buskers busk! For me, I have always felt sorry for buskers who I see don’t get much attention. But Bizjak told me that he does it for practice for himself, he explained to me that he could spend the day at home in his room doing the exact same thing, practising. But if he is out on the street, he is under more pressure to do well as he has an audience and this builds his confidence levels. Therefore it is a win win situation for both he and the public. And why not try and make something off it, he is happy with whatever can get! I think this made me appreciate street performers more, because what they do must be extremely nerve-racking, hundreds of people walk past them and they never know how someone will react!

Secondly I interviewed a few people who have seen the Quay St rapper perform. With mostly positive comments, it was good to gain insight on different peoples opinions and how they view him differently. I somewhat agree with Abbie when she says that there is no room for rappers in New Zealand’s entertainment industry. With New Zealand being a small country it is hard to make a career out of the music industry. But I do think that Homeboy could perform more than what he does, just on the street at night. Like Lydia said, if he did something like DJ’ing as well, he could perform at gigs and shows for a bigger audience.

Overall I think both of these interview topics have supplied me with facts and opinions that will help me present my news story.


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