Research proves a win!

I have been researching a lot lately, about busking in general, why people busk, what other people think of busking, what famous musicians used to busk, and also King Homeboy. So I decided to type “King Homeboy” into Google, and I diddn’t realize how much feedback I would receive from that. Little to my attention, the raw street talent of King Homeboy has been on show more than I knew of. I found out that he is actually a 6 time New Zealand beat boxing champion, has been to America and Germany to compete, can dance, is in the process of creating an album and documentary and also holds the record for the longs beat box at 34 hours! How crazy is that. Finding all of this out after seeing him rap on the street made me realize the stereotypes around buskers. People assume that just because some people are on the street busking that they aren’t successful or well off, only a few stop and realize that they are doing it for the public, the people and as practice for themselves.

Another topic I researched was busking festivals. There are festivals all over the world where buskers come together to perform in front of hundreds of streetwalkers passing by. The annual New Zealand festival is called International Buskers festival and welcomes buskers from all over the world. Get more information here:

The third topic I researched was successful musicians who began out busking. A very prominent example I discovered that I think will relate to my news story is Eminem. Eminem began on the streets of Detroit, partaking in rap battles close by a junior high school after hours. Now he is one of the world’s best rappers.

It is important to research before writing a story because you need to get your facts straight in order to make your story convincing and interesting. We want people to read it, and without research it would be dull and boring.


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