There will always be struggles

I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for my news story and sharing it with everyone on this blog, but I’m not going to lie I did face struggles along the way. My first struggle was choosing a street. I am not from Auckland so only know the main streets in the city, and Coromandel, where I am from is a small town with not many streets, let alone interesting ones. I was lucky enough to see King Homeboy perform while thinking about this assignment and thought he could potentially be a good topic. So that was it, I only had two ideas, and thankfully one worked out for me.

I found the weekly questions helpful, because they really made me think about my story and how I could put it together, e.g. news values, the frame, and ethics. Each of these gave me more ideas and made me realize what kind of things I needed to consider when writing my news story.

The biggest struggle for me was definitely interviewing. Sometimes it is difficult when you try really hard to contact a certain source and you get no answer, they have no time or your time clashes with theirs. I struggled to interview King Homeboy because whenever I went into town he wasn’t there, and I also had no way of contacting him. This made me realize what determination and lengths journalists have to go to in order to produce a great news story.

I enjoyed reading the style guide online and learning how to put a story together. I also enjoyed putting my story together because I wanted all of my information and ideas I have had over the last semester to come together. I preferred writing my news story to publishing weekly blog posts as I found it hard to sustain a routine in publishing one or two posts a week when I had other uni commitments as well. Overall I have enjoyed the principles of journalism paper and am happy with my two final assignments. Bring on next years journalism adventures!

Until then, chow sisters and brothers!



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