Story #1: Topshop or bottom shop.

NZ TOPSHOP OPENING: Hundreds of enthusiastic shoppers await to enter, and exit the store with new goodies. Photo source: Josephine Edmonds

By Josephine Edmonds

New Zealand joined the fashion chain as British clothing brand Topshop opened the country’s first store on Queen St, Auckland last Thursday.

Fashion student Abbie Sprott was part of the 1200 enthusiastic shoppers, lined up before the 10am opening. As part of the first 300 people, she was rewarded with a voucher that had to be used within a week.

Sprott said the marketing and advertising of the event was great, there were lines outside the store until Sunday. However they weren’t prepared, “some garment tickets didn’t even have a New Zealand price,” she said.

“I have been to Oxford St Topshop in London, so I wasn’t amazed with the new Queen St store.”
The NZ garments were of reasonable quality and price, “I was happy with a $30 t-shirt and $70 sweater,” Sprott thought. She said that they have a big variety of womans wear and “really nice socks!”

New Zealand Topshop owners Karen Walker, Barkers and Phillip Carter mustn’t be worried about the brand taking over local fashion, as two of them own brands.

The new store isn’t stocking high-end designers like London because they don’t have a big enough market to have a large store, said Sprott. The new store will be stocking 300 new styles a week and be 10 days behind the overseas market.

Topshop has added to other overseas brands that have previously opened on Queen St, including Prada, Dior and Gucci. If the store is successful, it could bring more international fashion brands to our shores.

Topshop is just another addition to womans wear in New Zealand, and to the international flagship stores on Queen St. These continue to attract people to the street, and are beginning to resemble international CBD’s. (288 weds).Story


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