Story #2: Noodles or Cables? Dominion Rd Artwork.

By Josephine Edmonds A local board funded public artwork for Dominion Rd as part of the roads upgrade scheme. Albert-Eden local board opened artwork, OnDo by Seung Yul Oh, a large sculpture of chopsticks and noodles near Ballantyne Square last Thursday. The artwork was originally created a long with other sculpture, Common Exotic, as part of Auckland Transport’s plan to improve bus transportation on Dominion Road, where construction and road works would become a common feature said Public Art Team member David Thomas. The two artists were chosen to create an affordable, resilient and easily transportable piece of art for Dominion Rd, with a budget of approximately $70,000 between both, said Thomas. The purpose of the artwork was to provide people with something “fun and different to look at in comparison to the road works from the upgrade” said Thomas. In September last year the contract for the upgrade was cancelled as it was being tendered said Chair of Albert-Eden local board, Peter Haynes. Haynes said the rail option is currently being looked at, but money for the upgrade is still in the budget, and Auckland Transport are set to evaluate the outcome next month. After the contract was cancelled we decided to continue with the two-year development of the artwork and display it anyway said Haynes. OnDo is designed to make people look twice. It can look like tweezers pulling cables out of the ground, creating chunks of asphalt, or chopsticks pulling noodles out of a bowl of chunky noodle soup, laughed Thomas, “it’s a double take.” Both Haynes and Thomas said they have received a lot of positive feedback in relation to the artwork. “There are 21 local boards, it is good to see some of them carving out there own identity and taking risks” said Thomas.


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